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Goodluck Pottery is a boutique studio pottery based in Farnham, Surrey. Established by Vicky Goodluck, each piece is made by and Vicky has it’s own piece of Goodluck. A special star mark which can only be found on pieces that come out of the Goodluck pottery. Earlier pieces have this mark impressed into the clay, and more recent pieces have the Goodluck Pottery stamp on them.
Whilst you can’t currently buy from the website check out the news section to find out where I’ll be having my next stall, or send me a commission request using the feedback section and I’ll do my very best to help you.

Vicky Goodluck:

I have been throwing pots for 3 years and have loved making every pot... Each handmade ceramic is unique, made with love and care with a huge dollop of warmth and beauty in mind. Pottery is my passion and I hope that this shines through. I fire to stoneware and enjoy adding oxides and glass to create a handmade, beautiful pottery piece that I hope will bring as much joy and happiness to those who use it, as it did to me when I created it.

All of my pieces are individually hand thrown on a potters wheel in stoneware clay, and are made with practicality and modern day living in mind. Each piece of domestic ware is ovenproof, microwaveable and dishwasher safe. The stoneware body means that the pots retain their heat very well.